Download collection for local import


I’m behind a firewall and not able to access the database on Port 27017. Why is it not possible to download the collection(s) to import it into a local mongodb, so everyone behind a firewall would be able to do the homework locally.



Please look at this thread.

If you are still having trouble, let me know.


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Hi Kanika, I’m Carsten’s colleague and I just had a look at your mongorestore post, unfortunately I can’t reply there as it’s already closed.

Anyway, I installed a local MongoDB and downloaded the dump but I’m stuck now. I just started with MongoDB today and words like REPLICA SET, SEED LIST and AUTHENTICATION DATABASE are not covered in the lectures. I don’t even know which user and password I should use, I never created one.

Can you post a restore guideline for dummies? Starting from a freshly installed software? We just don’t get around our firewall here in the company so the workaround with the local data seems to be our only chance to complete the course.


Hi Marcus,

if you installed mongo, just like me on Centos, there even is no username/password by default. That means, as soon as you have installed the mongodb you can simply unzip this dump, and restore it with almost even no options:

[cj@centos ~]$ mongorestore --host localhost --gzip

2018-10-09T19:30:14.526+0200 using default 'dump' directory

2018-10-09T19:30:14.527+0200 preparing collections to restore from

2018-10-09T19:30:14.527+0200 don't know what to do with file "dump/.DS_Store", skipping...

2018-10-09T19:30:14.527+0200 reading metadata for citibike.trips from dump/citibike/trips.metadata.json.gz

2018-10-09T19:30:14.529+0200 reading metadata for mflix.movies from dump/mflix/movies.metadata.json.gz
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Hi Carsten_62663,

Thanks for the post. This is exactly what needed to be done.


Sorry, you had inconvenience restoring data. Carsten is right. You can use that command. It will by default pick dump/ directory and will restore the data on mongod running.
I have updated the post. for future reference. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kanika