Dot-net Core project 3.1 and migrations for database Mongo DB


I’m new to integrating MongoDB into the .net core project. So could you please help me to understand the next:

  1. Can I create model classes that represent the collection document’s structure firstly and then run migrations, so the MongoDB database will be created from scratch automatically with a predefined structure? If yes, could you please advise how to do it?
    (Currently, I’m working with PostgreSQL and use migrations).
  2. I need to host this database on the AWS, so I have to set up Atlas environment for this database firstly and create MongoDB there manually, or I can just set up migrations and when I deploy the project, the database will be created automatically?
    Is the setup of Atlas env. is compulsory?

I appreciate all your help and pieces of advice.

For that, I suggest that you start by taking M220N course from MongoDB University as some core (pun intented) concepts are covered.

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