Don't know what to do with file "/root/path/filename.metadata.json.gz", skipping

Hi Team,

I have taken backup from mongodump from atlas mongo DB, while i restore the database to AWS Document DB i am getting below error.

don’t know what to do with file “/root/path/filename.metadata.json.gz”, skipping

and also i have add --db --nsInclude options also but getting same issue. How can i solve this issue. Kindly someone help me to overcome the issue.

Krishnakumar K

Atlas Mongo DB Version is 6.0
AWS Document DB Version is 5.0

I have used to below command for restore

mongorestore --ssl --host=“:27017” --username=–password= --authenticationDatabase=admin --sslCAFile rds-combined-ca-bundle.pem /home/ubuntu/

I have added -d --db and –nsInclude but getting same error

Documentdb is not MongoDB. mongodb-database-tools are developed and tested for use with mongodb, I would not expect interoperability.