Does traffic from vercel to mongodb atlas goes over internet?

Hi In this article about vercel integraiont (, it is mentioned to open all ip address list to allow traffic from vercel deployment. Does this also mean that traffic from Vercel to Mongodb atlas is over internet? Is there any way to connect it over a private network?

Hi @Ashish_Sheth,

I believe the traffic does go over the internet. There are some more details from the vercel page:

When using third-party services such as databases, you may encounter the option to restrict incoming traffic to your resource to a specific IP address or address range.
Vercel deployments use dynamic IP addresses due to the dynamic nature of the platform. As a result, it is not possible to determine the deployment IP address or address range because the IP may change at any time as the deployment scales instances or across regions.

I found the following as well regarding VPC / VPN’s but you may wish to contact the vercel sales / support instead:

If your current security and compliance obligations require more than dedicated IP addresses, contact us for guidance related to your specific needs.
Note: If you require support for VPC peering or VPN connections Contact Sales



It’s useful to emphasize that MongoDB Atlas requires TLS/SSL network encryption over the wire for all connections to the database

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Yes, traffic from Vercel to MongoDB Atlas typically traverses the internet. Vercel hosts web applications on the cloud, while MongoDB Atlas is a cloud-based database service. cox internet packages When your Vercel-hosted application communicates with MongoDB Atlas, data is transmitted over the internet, utilizing secure connections and protocols to ensure confidentiality and integrity of the data being transferred.