Does serverless plan support Atlas Device Sync?

I’m implementing Device Sync on my mobile app on thr Shared plan but quite confused about the next steps.

Does the Serverless plan support Device Sync, or only the Dedicated one do? I read conflicting info in different places in the UI/documentation.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @anh !

Atlas Serverless instances currently do not support Atlas Device Sync – only shared or dedicated Atlas clusters.

Per Get Started with Atlas Device Sync:

You cannot use sync with a serverless instance or Federated database instance.

Atlas Device Sync is also listed as an unsupported feature on Serverless Instance Limitations.

If there is conflicting info in UI/docs, can you please share some links so those can be corrected?


Thanks for the reply, Stennie! The bit of confusion is at Atlas Device Sync | MongoDB where it says Serverless sync architecture under the Feature overview section. It kinda throws me off a bit as the plan name for serverless is also named Serverless.

It’d be nice if this is spelt out in the feature comparison chart as IMO it’s pretty important. I expect to grow from the Shared plan to Serverless but now it means I have to skip that and go straight to Dedicated.

Hi @anh,

Thanks for the follow up info… I see how that could be confusing! The description in this context is intended to apply to device sync infrastructure being serverless.

I’ll share this discussion and your feedback with the product team.


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