Does realm functions have access to realm credentials in context?

Using realm functions i have access to the context which include services like mongodb atlas etc, what about the actual realm-sdk, surely it should no? or do i have to install the realm-sdk as a dependency?

i want to create a user using realm credentials.


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@Rishi_uttam : Can you please elaborate the problem/user-case you are trying to solve for.

Hi Mohit.

The use case

Using realm 3rd party http functions, i want to use realm auth, i.e. create a realm user/ delete user with email/password. I can do this in node if i add a the realm sdk package. Now in the realm function do i need to install the realm sdk? it seems i cannot install this dependency as it exceeds the realm limits szie.

I assume however that realm functions have access to realm functions via the context object but there isnt any documentation to show this is true.
pls let me know if i am still not clear.

I’m searching for the same thing because I want to be able to create user using realm functions instead of using SDK. @Rishi_uttam Have you had a chance to do it ?