Does queryString query support wildcard and fuzzy search?

From the documentation of queryString query, there is no mention of wildcard ?* or fuzzy search. I was wondering if those are supported or if there are plans to add these features. It’s quite natural since the Apache Lucene (which Atlas Search is based on) has those in their syntax Apache Lucene - Query Parser Syntax

We are moving our project from Elasticseach to Atlas, and an important part of the project depends on the Elasticsearch queryString query with wildcard and fuzzy search.

I’m curious to learn more about your use case and what you are trying to achieve. In more scenarios where you would want to combine multiple search behaviors, I’d actually recommend using Compound over queryString. In general, it is much easier to maintain and way more flexible.

Hi Elle, thanks for the response. To give context, our data product provides two search experiences to customers and is currently built on top of Elasticsearch, and we what to migrate to Atlas search. For general search, we already build in business logic using compound, facet, filters, etc. But for advanced users (eng, analytics, etc), we provide the capability to allow them to write queries using Lucene syntax and get exactly what they want in ad hoc search. Lucene natively supports wildcard ?* and fuzzy search ~ in query string, and so does Elastic. Our customer finds it very useful, e.g. they can grab all datasets starting with sales by querying dataset:sales*. We certainly don’t want regression in this feature during our Atlas search migration. This is blocking us right now.

Ref: Lucene query syntax: Apache Lucene - Query Parser Syntax

I do not believe that we have support for what you are describing out of the box today. I’d encourage you to vote on this feedback item though so we are able to keep you updated on progress for the feature.