Does mongodump & mongorestore support Atlas search indexes?

Pretty much the title - can I expect atlas search indexes to be synced?

Hi @Alex_Bjorlig,

In this post there is a link to this which then points to that which says that since June 14, 2023, Atlas Search indexes are saved with the Cloud Snapshots.

So – at least – Cloud Backups are here to help as a workaround.

Mongodump and mongorestore are not cloud specific, they are the same tool for MongoDB community or MongoDB entreprise. As Atlas Search is a specific cloud feature of MongoDB Atlas, I don’t see mongodump and mongorestore supporting Atlas Search index definition for now at least but I could be wrong.


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Thanks for the response :+1: Do you happen to know Alex Bevilacqua - our team is very excited about news on this topic :face_with_peeking_eye:

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