Does mongodump, dump all the data+indexes of the collection?

iam using mongodump,mongorestore.

i would like to know what kind of details from the collection are available in dump exported by mongodump command.
does it export all the index created for specific fields in a collection?

Yes, mongodump does export the indexes created on the collection, and the indexes are restored with mongorestore along with the data. This is true with MongoDB v4.2.

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@Prasad_Saya i don’t think it works like that for me. Below is the problem i’m facing.

Collection stats before export

i exported this collection using mongodump. below 2 files are generated

Now i used mongorestore to import the file into another mongodb instance
mongorestore --db university --collection users /Users/dev/Documents/mongodb-performance-inputfiles/users.bson.gz --drop --gzip

After import i don’t see any indexes in stats.
i haven’t done any other steps to import users.metadata.json

what am i missing here?
should i import users.metadata.json manually?

But i read in documentation like , we don’t need to import users.metadata.json manually
my mongorestore logs shows no index to restore, but i have many index to restore as it is shown in my screenshots

I have a collection called as movie with two documents and two indexes: the default index on _id and an index on a field year. I verified the data and indexes using the following methods from mongo shell:

shell >
shell >

From the Windows OS command prompt:

os > mongodump --db=test --collection=movie

This created a folder dump\test with two files: movie.bson, and movie.metadata. The folder and files are created in the directory from where I ran the mongodump command.

Again, from the OS command prompt:

os > mongorestore --db=test --collection=movie_new dump/test/movie.bson

From the shell, I could verify:

shell > db.movie_new.find()
shell > db.movie_new.getIndexes()

i have to export with gzip option as the collection size is too large. i think with gzip option this doesn’t work.

I tried with --gzip option. It worked in my environment correctly.

> mongodump  --gzip --db=test --collection=movie
> mongorestore --gzip --db=test --collection=movie3 dump/test/movie.bson.gz

I could verify the restored movie3 collection and its indexes.

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If your dump was gzip the metadata should be gzip too, was it uncompressed accidentally?

I can replicate no Indexes to restore if I uncompress the metadata. When I gzipped it back up mongorestore created the indexes.


@chris my dump was gzipped but metadata is not gzipped. not sure why. may be its some mistake from my end,