Does mongodb team save _id and id fields?

I was researching on how mongodb tech companies implement theirs paginate cursors and I saw some auto increment on load more data response. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with having auto-incrementing values ​​in collections, but why the id? we do not send the _id for security reasons or these collections of user, groups, etc. don’t use ObjectID or maybe mongodb use a relational database, would be funny but I guess is not the reason?? I need an answer from the mongodb team or I won’t be able to sleep easy for the rest of my life

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To be honest I’m not sure I understand your question. You mentioned that you wanted to see how MongoDB implements pagination queries? The screenshot and the id you mentioned seems to show this forum, which is using Discourse, a popular forum software that powers many community forums (not only ours!). This is not written by MongoDB, so I cannot comment on how they choose to implement pagination.

If pagination using MongoDB is your question, there are some worthwhile reading material, such as:

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