Does MongoDB support VMWare Site Recovery Manager?

Need the help, can MongoDB 4.2.1 support VMWare Site Recovery Manager. If supports does above Database requires to use enterprise edition.
As we are planning to enable DR environment based on production

The MongoDB server does not currently have any specific awareness or integration for VMware Site Recovery Manager (which I gather uses vMotion or something analogous for live migration of VMs).

Production MongoDB deployments normally take advantage of built-in replication for failover and disaster recovery.

In theory tools like Site Recovery Manager handle live migration of VMs without requiring awareness or modification by applications running in the VMs. In practice, you should test your configuration in a representative staging/QA environment to make sure your failover/migration process does not have unanticipated side effects.

The MongoDB Production Notes include a brief mention of VMware and recommended settings based on aggregate user feedback. However, we do not specifically test VMware products or configurations.

You may be able to get more targeted advice in VMware’s Site Recovery Manager forum.


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