Does MongoDB plan to support Index Lifecycle Management?

As the topic said, We find some feature for hot-warm-cold-delete in mongodb . some like Elasticsearch 6.0 ILM

Can you help me understand what you want here? Maybe if you can describe your use case for this feature?

I am finding some way to do hot, warn and cold data storage on mongodb. Do you have any idear?

Hi @hm_li,

I believe we usually do it with sharding :

Is that related?


I think the new Online Archive service would be a more simple solution to data tiering. Take a look and see if this would meet your needs. Let us know!

Thanks for your tips, As the article said, It uses the feature of sharding zone to split the database.collection which data would be stored diff zone such as named hot zone, warm zone, etc.

There are some ideas about Hot, warm, and cold data storage requirement as below:

The hot place just has the last data or the frequent read of data. It’not all data in this place.

It will transfer the hot data which doesn’t use during the period to a warm place and will be in a cold place finally and The hot place will erase the old data.

The data of cold place will store the hot place if the data have operation frequently