Does MongoDB atlas retain snapshots for deleted clusters?

Can mongodb support recover a backup from a cluster that was deleted?

Hi @Kunle_Fawibe,

I assume the context for this is for a terminated cluster associated with one of your Atlas project(s). Please contact the atlas support team regarding this question.

Additionally, as per the Pause, Resume or Terminate a Cluster documentation at the terminating a cluster section (Atlas UI):

(Optional) Keep existing snapshots after termination.
If you have a Backup Compliance Policy enabled and you terminate a cluster, Atlas automatically maintains all existing snapshots after the termination according to the backup policy. Atlas retains the oplog for restoring a point in time with continuous cloud backup in a static state until Atlas can no longer use them for continuous cloud backup.

Otherwise, if you have Cloud Backup enabled, you can toggle Keep existing snapshots after termination to On.

If you have Cloud Backup disabled, this option is unavilable.



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