Documents disappear after successful import

I am new to MongoDB . I am using the free tier.

I created a database called yelp and a collection called reviews using MongoCompass. I am trying to load the Yelp dataset ( from a JSON file. I imported the JSON file successfully using compass. The import indicates that 8.2M documents completed successfully. But the collection only has 660K documents. Why is the import dropping so much data?

The total size of the JSON file is 5.8 GB.
The total size of my database collection is only 325MB.

Can someone help me figure out what has happened?

The free tier limit on size cannot accept the 5.8 GB of data. The limit is 512MB of space. I do not know why it stopped at 325MB. May be you have some other database on the same cluster.

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Thanks @steevej . I figured it was something like that. Well i guess i’ll have to do a trial of one of the better tiers to load my data. thanks.