DocumentDB GET request issue


We have already connected to the Document DB cluster, we have also succeded uploading a file to documentDB through Application Frontend Interface, the issue comes when we tried to get that uploaded file from DocumentDB, Note: We’re using DocumentDB 4.0 we already tested it with 3.6 same issue "Query failed with error code 2 and error message ‘Bad value’ on server please note that we got error 500.

. We’re using only the primary instance without reader.
We have tested our application using MongoDB (version 6.0 and 4.0) installed directly in EC2 machine, we didn’t get the same issue and it worked well for us.

here is the query used by the GET API which returns the error sent previously => “@Query(”{' ’ : :#{#id}, ‘idEmployee’ : :#{#idEmployee}}“) List findFileByFolderAndEmployee(@Param(“id”) String id, @Param(“idEmployee”) long idEmployee);”
Do you have any ideas about possible causes?

Hi @ghazouani_nada ,

DocumentDB is just not MongoDB. Therefore, I truly and honestly recommend Atlas, the best MongoDB platform in the cloud.

The issue seems to be something related to Amazon…

Wish I could have helped with the specific issue on the amazon platform, but I would recommend contacting Amazon support…

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Thank you Pavel for your reply,
I contacted AWS support today and they confirmed that the documentDB server is working well and it seems that the error is related to the query in the backend of the app.