Documentation bug: 'grantRolesToUser` returns 404 which is a link passed to me by the Mongo docs search engine for grantRolesToUser returns 404.

Thanks @Jack_Woehr, I’ll let the docs team know as well.

The documentation has recently moved from to, so it looks like an incorrect url has been indexed.

The intended destination is

Can you confirm the url you were searching from? From your description I inferred searching from within the MongoDB documentation (i.e. not a third party search result, like Google search).


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Yes, that must have been it.
I suppose, @Stennie , you can discern that I was searching frantically (DuckDuckGo) as I got stalled :confused:
I certainly had a time figuring out what role was needed to drop a database. Probably I was told 3 years ago when I did the Basic Courses, but as a life-long generalist, I am an “open book” programmer :slight_smile: I might still be searching if a 3rd-party site hadn’t described MongoDB roles more clearly than the MongoDB docs themselves.