Docker MongoDB Databases Went Missing

Hi there, I experienced a weird issue where today my databases suddenly went missing, unable to perform auth. Is there any way to figure out what went wrong? I didnt remember setting up volumes with docker compose, but so far it has persisted accross vps restarts, and docker restarts. The /data folder has wt files.

Is there a way to figure out what causes this?

Hi @Seiko_Santana and welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!!

Can you help us by elaborating more on the issue being seen by helping us with the error message being seen.

The volumes in docker containers holds the advantage to specify a persistent storage location. You can follow the documentation to learn more on different use cases to understand docker volumes.

Further, can you share the docker compose file you are using to deploy MongoDB in your system.

Can you confirm if there was no operation being done in the database directly or through application, performed during the time the application was working perfectly fine to the issue the issue started to arise?

Best regards