Do you think I will pay too much?

Hi. I am using mongodb atlas for the first time. Frankly, I really liked it. But I would like to get an idea of exactly how much I will pay. Let’s assume that 100 users use my application in different time periods in 1 day. This is a lyric suggestion app. There are about 700 thousand lyrics in my database. And it shows a random one to the user with the rest api. If 100 people use it a day, do you think I have to pay tens of dollars? Users cannot change data. They will just read.

My question may sound silly, but I hope you can answer it.
I was going to use another database, but I read that it is expensive. So I decided to use mongodb.

I’m sorry for my bad english

Hello Yung,

Welcome to the MongoDB community!

To answer your question, how large is the database size? So the charges honestly will come down to what tier for a cluster that you use is.

It is also worth mentioning that the type of application platform does tend to make a difference for how it would be used. The type of application platform impacts the kind of audience that is drawn to it, and the types of offerings that MongoDB has to fit the needs.

This may be a good use case, and prove cost effective by using the server-less option that we have. for more information of this itself outside of the cost sheet I have provided, here’s the link to it.

But then if you have say a mobile application or a mobile video game, we have MongoDB Realm as an option. But unfortunately MongoDB Realm isn’t available with the serverless Atlas instances.

Our main document for costs via Atlas can be found here.

But our best resource that can size your needs the best, and explain the costs break downs would be our sales department. Whom you can contact via this form.

If there are any further questions, feel free to let me know.



to be honest i made an api with mongodb right now. I will use it with json link using ajax from my mobile app. I have no idea if I’m using realms or atlas exactly. I did what I saw in the video. I created an endpoint. just like the movie search database on your site. Users are pulling lyrics from my database. It’s all I want