Do realm graphql mutations will trigger functions in Realm

i am having problem when i execute a graphql mutations to a document, the function trigger will detect changes and run some background processing. unfortunately when i update using graphql , it didn’t trigger, but if i update using mongo then it will trigger the processing.

I have no problem triggering on graphql mutations. check logs to debug!

I am having the same problem. I have a trigger that should run on insert and run a function to insert a document in a different collection. The function works from the console, so I know my function code is good, but the trigger isn’t firing when I insert to the trigger collection with GraphQL.

Edit: actually it looks like Egidio was right, the GraphQL mutation is tripping the Trigger, but it’s throwing an error even though the Function works when ran from the editor.

I have to extend my previous answer.
Upsert operations may be tricky if one wants to log change events.
To log changeEvent, a upsert op must turns to be an update op. But this does not seems to be the case when using GraphQL upsert op that turns out to be an update. You won’t get changeEvent (what I think is a issue). So if one wants to get changeEvent in a GraphQL event triggered function, one must to use a GraphQL update op.
Using SDK to execute an update op using {upsert: true}, if the op turns out to be an update, it will give your function the changeEvent.