Do not use examity to pass MongoDb exams

Hey there! I wanted to share my experience with a particular exam platform(Examity). Unfortunately, passing the exam on this platform doesn’t just cost you money, but also your valuable time. The language proficiency of the instructors isn’t up to par, making it quite challenging to understand them. Moreover, there seems to be a lack of respect in their communication. It appears to be a group of individuals who may not have received proper training, and the audio quality during sessions is subpar. It’s even noticeable that they might not have the means to afford better microphones

Hi Sohaib. I sincerely apologize for your experience with our proctoring service and will most definitely bring it to their attention. We happen to be meeting with them tomorrow so this is timely feedback. Meanwhile my team will work to make this issue right.

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Greetings, @Carol_Dibert! I’m absolutely thrilled to have received your response. This isn’t the first time I’ve received assistance from your team, and I’m genuinely proud to be a part of this wonderful community. Thanks

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