Do MongoDB binaries need to be owned by root?

Hello, I am new to MongoDB and have a few questions in regards to installation and binary ownership. I am coming from an Oracle DB back ground.
Our SysAdmin installed version 4.2 locally on RedHat Linux using RPM method. The binaries were installed to /usr/bin and owned by root. The data directory, log directory and mongod.conf file is owned by the mongod user. In order for a DBA such as myself to start and stop mongod i have to first login as mongod and then do sudo systemctl start/stop mongod. I see in the MongoDB howto guide for installation that it can be accomplished by unpacking a tar file. If that is the case can that be done by the mongod user and not by root? Does root need to own the binaries in order to run a Standalone MongoDB on premise database?

No, as long as it is readable by the user you start mongod.

So the mongod user can expand the tar file and own the binaries? Is there anything that needs to be owned by root? Trying to find out if SysAdmin have to intervene with installation/patching/upgrading in MongoDB or whether all can be accomplished by a DBA as the mongod user.