Do I need new account to claim my student pack?


I’ve been using MongoDB cloud free tier for my personal project. I’m also a Github Student (but I have yet to claim the offer). Question here

  1. If later on I want to claim the MongoDB Student Pack for the free $50 credits, does it require me to create new MongoDB account or can I link my current one that I’m using right now?

  2. Once claimed, is there expiry for the $50 Credits? For comparison, DigitalOcean also offers free credits for Github Student, but in 12 months, those credits will expire and gone regardless.


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I believe that in this link you will find the answers. It is filtered for this area (sorry I can’t help much rsrsrs)

Regarding item 2, the answer can be found in this link (frequently asked questions - bottom of the page)


Hi there! The link to the MongoDB for Students program page has already been posted but to answer your questions.

  1. No, you don’t need to create a new MongoDB account to claim your Atlas credit code. To claim your credit code, you have to sign-in at MongoDB Student Pack with your GitHub account details. You can apply those credits to your existing Atlas account.

  2. Yes! If unused, credit codes will expire 8-12 months after you claim them. If you were to claim your Atlas code today and not apply it to an Atlas account, it would expire July 31st, 2024. Once applied to your Atlas account, you have 12 months to use your $50 in credits. If your code expires either before you apply it or before you could use all of your credits, reach out to us and we can work with you to extend your code.


Thank you! Crystal clear

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