Distributed Kafka Connect with multiple tasks not working on Windows

I am running Apache Kafka on my Windows machine with two Kafka-Connect-Workers(Port 8083, 8084) and three partitions(replication of one).
My issue is that I am able to see the fail-over to other Kafka-Connect worker whenever I shutdown one of them but load balancing is not happening because the number of tasks is always ONE.

I am using Official MongoDB-Kafka-Connector as Source(ChangeStream) with tasks.max=6.

I tried updating MongoDB with multiple threads so that it could push more data into Kafka-Connect and may perhaps make Kafka-Connect create more tasks. Even under higher volume of data, tasks count remain one.

API always shows one task: “http://localhost:8083/connectors/mongodb-connector/status” :

	"connector": {
	"tasks": [
			"id": 0,
			"state": "RUNNING"
			"worker_id": "<ipaddress>:8083"
	"type": "source"

Am I missing something here? Why more tasks are not created?