Displaying connection string

How to find the connection string to connect to MongoDB from compass?
Tried installing the shell. I am getting the error MSVCP140.dll was not found. How do I fix it?

Note: I am new to MongoDB

Hi @Balasubrahmanyam_Ira. Welcome to the MongoDB community. Where is your MongoDB server running? In Atlas or on your machine?

If in Atlas, you can find some details here. If MongoDB is running on your local computer with the default settings, the connection string will be mongodb://localhost:27017. If MongoDB is running locally with the default settings, in Compass you actually don’t need to enter anything. Just click Connect and Compass will connect to the default host and port.

Regarding the issue with the dll of the mongo shell, I think I remember there are other threads in this forum. However, I’d suggest you try out our new shell instead: MongoDB Shell Download | MongoDB. It’s currently in beta but we will GA it later this year.

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