Disk space requirements for App.Create()?

We noticed a crash during app initialization due to low disk space on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and we’re planning on catching and handling with appropriate messaging to the user. We are also planning on proactively checking for available disk space before the invocation… About how much disk space is needed for the Realms.Sync.App.Create(AppConfiguration) call?

SIGABRT: ftruncate() failed: No space left on device

NativeException.ThrowIfNecessary ()
AppHandle.CreateApp (Realms.Sync.Native.AppConfiguration config, System.Byte[] encryptionKey)
App.Create (Realms.Sync.AppConfiguration config)

Here’s our invocation - nothing fancy:

            this.realmApplication = App.Create(new AppConfiguration(appSettings.DataServiceAppId)
                DefaultRequestTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(MONGODB_HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MILLISECONDS),

The space requirements for this call are extremely low - like in the order of bytes, but the problem is that if the user has 0 free bytes, it will fail. It requires a little bit of storage, because we persist some metadata about the app when it’s constructed.

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