Disable chart snapping when resizing in dashboard


Is there a way to resize the charts on the dashboard to any size that I like? currently it seems there are predefined sizes the chart snapped to when I resize.

Not on dashboards. The grid is there to make it easy to align charts without resorting to pixel-pushing. When you embed charts you can decide the exact dimensions you want.

Thank you. It would be nice to have smaller increments for the snapping.
@tomhollander is there a place to write feature requests? besides this it would also be nice to have a better “cross” when hovering chart data, currently it is really difficult to see the data points using a mouse on the chart

Here is an example from another charting system, no matter where my cursor is I can see the data point. With mongodb charts my cursor has to be exactly on the chart itself, very difficult…

Thanks @YuvalW. We have a site feedback.mongodb.com for feature requests. The suggestion you made is a good one and we’ll see if we can get this added in.

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