Disable autoIndexing on Mongo serverless instance

I want to enable/disable autoindexing for my Serverless Mongo instance using api call or terraform config.

I cound not find nether of them in documentation.

From internet site of my mongo cluster I went to inspect window and I got api call which is called from mongo internet site to update/get autoindexing value. This is the url.

Is there any official information about where I can get for api call or terraform resource that can change autoindexing settings?

Hi Marija

Thanks for the question. The Auto-Indexing feature for Serverless Instances is currently in private preview and is rolling out to customers over the next few weeks. Therefore, it is possible that your instance has not been enabled for it yet. We will add a “private preview” tag in our documentation to denote this.

In the first iteration, auto-indexing will be a UI only feature. I’d like to understand more about your use case and how you’d like to use it using terraform or an API call. Feel free to reply on this thread or direct message me.

Anurag Kadasne