Direct Query for POWERBI

Hi when will be the direct query mode available for powerbi?

Hi @Anand_Reddy Welcome to the Community!
We are shooting for end of the year for the DQ support. This is my best estimate, and I will be sure to update the community when we get close.

Hi @Alexi_Antonino ,
Any news about this feature? Thanks

Hello @Sauro_Rossi The latest version that includes Direct Query has been submitted to Microsoft for recertification and approval. I expect they will ship it with Power BI within the next month (I am waiting to hear back on the Microsoft release). We have the DQ version available now within our Mongo DB Download Center. Just make sure to download the latest ODBC driver as well (version 1.2) Download Power BI Connector | MongoDB
Download Atlas SQL ODBC Driver | MongoDB

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Thanks @Alexi_Antonino for the useful information.
We are looking forward for new Power BI release. In the meantime we can have a look in your internal release.

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Hi again @Alexi_Antonino,
is this solution also for “on-premise” Mongo deployment or for Atlas cloud solution only?

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Hello @Sauro_Rossi This connector is only for our cloud db, Atlas. We are researching now what an on-premise equivalent would be and how best to build it, but we are in the early stages of the process. Until we have a solution for on-premise SQL Interface, our on-prem BI Connector is available for use.