Different topics in certification dev exam

Hi all, in my certification test I found questions on replication and transaction that are not included in the certification exam guide. Could you please check? Thanks a lot in advance

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Hello Ilenia. Questions on replication and transaction will fall under the Topic: Drivers. More specifically Objective 6.2 & 6.4
You can find the exam objectives and topic level weighting in the [Associate Developer Exam Study Guide.]
If you have any further questions, please reach out to certification@mongodb.com
Thank you!

Though I passed the developer exam, I don’t find it fair to include replication and transaction in a developer exam? Objective 6.2 is Define how a (coding language) application connects/uses the (coding language) driver, and objective 6.4 is Identify what connection pooling is in terms of the driver and what advantages it offers. None of these points to replication and transaction.

For a certification exam I think it is important to adhere what is written in the objectives. I think it’s reasonable for replication and transaction to be tested, but to be fair, these should be included in the exam objectives.

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