Difference between master/slave and replication

I would like to know the difference between master/slave and replica set.

I think it’s a similar technology, but why did MongoDB adopt a replica set?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

I am not sure what you are referring to? MongoDB’s Master/Slave approach is using a replica set with its replication and election mechanisms where there is only one Primary and a few secondaries at any given time.


From version 3.2, MongoDB was supposed to use PSS replication instead of Master/Slave, which meant I wanted to know the difference between the two replication.

And I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of each replication.

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

Master slave replication is the previous generation of current replica set replication.

There is only one replication method. I suppose that you might mean the PV:0 and PV:1 change:

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Ah-ha! Thank you Thank you :smiley:

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