'desiredState.FullVersion' is not a member of 'currentState.VersionsOnDisk'

Dear all :

Thanks for letting me join to this BIG community.

I hope you can support me , maybe any of you have suffered this issue :slight_smile:

[2020/12/19 10:21:09.736] [.error] [cm/director/director.go:planAndExecute:539] <rbalvkapam.bas.roche.com-27017_8> [10:21:09.736] Plan execution failed on step Download as part of move Download : <rbalvkapam.bas.roche.com-27017_8> [10:21:09.736] Postcondition failed for step Download because
[ā€˜desiredState.FullVersionā€™ is not a member of ā€˜currentState.VersionsOnDiskā€™ (ā€˜desiredState.FullVersionā€™={ā€œtrueNameā€:ā€œ4.4.0-entā€,ā€œgitVersionā€:ā€œ563487e100c4215e2dce98d0af2a6a5a2d67c5cfā€,ā€œmodulesā€:[ā€œenterpriseā€],ā€œmajorā€:4,ā€œminorā€:4,ā€œpatchā€:0}, ā€˜currentState.VersionsOnDiskā€™=)]. Outcome=3

Iā€™m using the official tgz but always said the same issue

Does any of you suffered this issue ?

I have RHEL 7.8 and iā€™m trying to install mongodb-linux-x86_64-enterprise-rhel70-4.4.2.tgz

Thanks in advance !!!