Deprecated Connection string option: waitqueuemultiple


We’ve just upgraded the Java Driver (mongodb-driver-sync & bson) from 4.2.3 to 4.7.0. Within the connection string we have the option waitqueuemultiple. After the driver upgrade while the service is starting up, we can see on the log console a warning message which is like the following:

Connection string contains unsupported option 'waitqueuemultiple'.

The service is still working, but it is working under non performance scenarios, I’d like to know which alternative and why this options was removed. I tried to investigate within the source code where is this validation made, but there is nothing about this on mongodb-driver-core-4.7.0 nor mongodb-driver-sync-4.7.0


I’m not sure why you appear to be seeing a difference between 4.2 and 4.7, as support for waitQueueMultiple was removed in the 4.0 major release. See Remove connection pool wait queue event class and properties · mongodb/mongo-java-driver@564a468 · GitHub. Can you double check the version of the driver that you upgraded from?

I see, it was my fault because my working root branch already had the version 4.2 (this upgrade is still on process) my branch was born from this previous one, and upgraded java driver to 4.7 (upgraded for performance issues), but the current version (on development branch) is 3.10.2. So basically is like

3.10 (development) -> 4.2 (upgrading Spring version) -> 4.7 (performance issues)

So, it seems nobody noticed that warning message for the waitqueuemultiple while doing the 4.2 upgrade. I wasn´t able to see any recommendation regarding this option removal. Is there any at all? Or a brief explanation of why it was removed?


It is mentioned in the 4.0 upgrading guide. There is no justification given, but I can tell you that the large majority of users have upgraded to a 4.x driver release by now and we haven’t received a single report from our users that this has caused a problem in any production application.

If you see something, we would certainly like to hear about it.

Thanks a lot Jeffrey for your support. We have plans in a near future to run performance test, after that I can update using this same thread if all went smooth or not.