Deployment cost via API?

Could not find a way to get the deployment cost estimate for Atlas cluster via API. Is it possible? Found how get basic list of regions, but not much more.
Goal is to use something like a price calculator API in order to choose deployment size and cost it.
Something similar to cloud providers who provide a calculator via API as well as UI.

Hey Nuri,

Unfortunately there isn’t currently a way to get the cost estimate for an Atlas cluster config via the API. I’ve located a couple of feedback posts that you can vote for which appear to be what you’re after (more specifically the first one from my assumptions):



I voted up the 2 items.

Is there a static table of prices in documentation listing all cloud region node costs? (Such as an html doc or something?)

The only page with a static list of pricings I was able to locate was from the following page (and clicking "View Pricing") but it’s not for all regions. Each cloud provider tab on the linked page is based off a single region.

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