Deploying MongoDB in Containerized Environment using PodMan in RedHat Linux 8 RHEL 8

Does MongDb support Depolying MongoDb in multi server environment(primary seconday node replica set) using PodMan in RHEL 8.0 servers

I am migrating existing Docker container which currently deplyed as cluster node (using replica set) which needs to be migrated in RHEL 8.0 using PodMan

Hi, unfortunately we don’t currently officially support PodMan, that’s not to say it won’t work… but we offer no current official support.

Thanks mfor your respose.For those who are using mongodb in docker container in RHEL 7.0 and need to migrate to RHEL 8.0 or RHEL 9.0 what would be path farward for migration?

Is the MongoDB Community or Enterprise?