Deploy Prisma server with MongoDB Atlas database

I am trying to deploy a prisma server to heroku via prisma cloud. however I have notived that only postgres and mysql database are supported .

I am using mongodb atlas database. any help please.

Welcome to the MongoDB community @youssef_jarid!

Prisma 1 has some support for MongoDB but is no longer actively maintained.

MongoDB support for Prisma 2 is still in development. Please watch and upvote this issue in their GitHub repo: MongoDB support for Prisma 2 #1277.

Per recent discussion on this GitHub issue, MongoDB support is actively in progress but they do not have a timeline yet:

Hey everyone, thanks so much for your interest in MongoDB support! We are indeed already working on supporting MongoDB, but as of now it’s unfortunately unclear when we’ll be able to release the first version. Please keep watching this GitHub issue since we’ll keep posting updates here.