Delhi-NCR MUG: Introduction to MongoDB Charts

Hey @Prakhyat_Singhal,
Sorry, I might have missed something. Can you remind me if you won a t-shirt for the Trivia or the Virtual Vacation game we played in the beginning? :slight_smile:

@Harshit_Mehta sir I wanted to know I got 2nd position in trivia and 3rd position in Charts Challenge. Would I be getting 2 T-Shirts or 1?

Hey @Coder_Chirag,
You would be getting one t-shirt. We wanted to maximize the number of winners so had decided and (I remember) announced as well to keep one swag per winner. :slight_smile:

We have interesting swags planned for further events and would love to have you join again to win more.

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My question was selected before the trivia.

For Linkedin winners, we haven’t picked the winners yet. We were waiting to have everyone who asked questions join the group. This way, while randomly drawing the winners we give everyone a fair chance.

We will have two randomly picked winners from the five questions that were shortlisted I will announce the winners here and email them as well :slight_smile:

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Hey Harshit, just to update you that I still haven’t received swag yet

any updates on the same ??

Hey Jayesh,
I am checking and will get back to you :slight_smile:

The swag was shipped out in the last week of April, so should have reached you all by now :slight_smile:

Sir, I have also not got any info about the swags. Please check this too.

Hello Mr Harshit!
I too haven’t got any updates on this.

Any updates on the tentative date to receive the swags. @Harshit_Mehta

Jayesh, I am waiting on the team to let us know what happened with the shipment. Rest assured we will figure this out and get you your swag asap.

I have received the t-shirt. Thank you!

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@Harshit_Mehta I opted for XS size for the T-Shirt, but got delivered M size. It’s not of any use for me. Please can you replace it.

Sure! Please reach out via the Swag email you had received from me :slight_smile:

Hey Everyone,
For any t-shirt queries or help relating only to you please reach out to me on the swag email you had received from me and we will work on getting it resolved. That would help keep the thread to topics relevant to everyone. :slight_smile: