Deleted organization with applied credit

I am a complete newb & trying to learn MongoDB. I found some Atlas promo credit & applied those into my account. As learning step I deleted organization and recreated a new organization, and noticed all those promo credits were deleted too. Is there anyway to get those back?


Hi @Ibrahim_Rasel and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

It’s awesome that you are trying to learn more about MongoDB Atlas. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions in the forum if you need some directions.

Have you tried re-applying the same codes again in the new organisation? That being said, MongoDB Atlas as a generous free tier for all the tools:

  • MongoDB Atlas,
  • MongoDB Realm,
  • MongoDB Charts.

Feel free to test & learn more about these. There is plenty you can do with the free tier already.

Check out the blog posts in the DevHub. Lots of great MongoDB tutorials in here.


Hello @MaBeuLux88, thanks for your replay. I will surely ask in the forum if I need any help.

I just re-applied some code, and it seems some of them are working. Unfortunately I don’t remember which codes I had used before. But it’s alright.

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

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