Delete path from Realm Cloud programmatically

is it possible to delete realm path programmatically from cloud realm. I mean similar functionality as delete on Studio. Not asking how to remove all objects from realm path, want to nuke off path programmatically.


Hi Janne

Have you tried the documentation HERE ? There’s a few methods described that might help.

It would be helpful to know if you are using classic Realm 5.x or Beta MongoDB Realm.

It would also be good to include if you are using Sync or not as that may change the answer.

Oh, and what coding platform?

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yes, have tried with documentation. Basically I get http response 503 when trying to run http “DELETE” to right cloud realm. Path I’m using is:

  • https://XXXXXXX…


we are on classic realm with full sync. We have both Swift for IOS and Javascript (node.JS) backend in use. Back end is having GraphQL access to cloud realm w/ admin rights.