Delete Many with Limit

Does Golang support Delete with Limit in addition to a filter? We need to run a periodic cleanup, and we need it to be quick, so do not want to delete more than 1000 documents at a time. So wanted to do something like this , but looking at the delete many, it does not seem to support the limit. Will you be adding this support?

Hi @parvathi_nair,

The best way to perform this operation is by fetching the needed for cleanup _id with a query using a limit and than pass it to a bulk delete bulk.find({_id : xxxxx}).remove():

Than execute the batch in 1000 chunks.

Please note that a better cleanup maybe using ttl index on a date field:


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Also, the server-side delete command doesn’t actually support an arbitrary limit. Per, the limit can be 1 to delete no more than one document and 0 to delete all documents that match the filter. These values map to the DeleteOne and DeleteMany functions in the Go driver, respectively.

– Divjot

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Thanks for the reply. I noticed the limit as 0 or 1 after I posted the message. I ended up using the id range to delete in batches.

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