Debian 11 - Core dump - help please

trying to get mongodb on my chrombook which uses debian 11- keep getting core dump, would love some help.

You received SIGILL (Illegal Instruction) because your CPU does not support this version.

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Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Alexander_Estrella-Martinez !

As @steevej suggested, an illegal instruction error means the binary you have installed is using instructions not supported by your CPU or virtualisation environment. The x86_64 microarchitecture requirements for MongoDB 5.0 precompiled binaries include CPUs that have AVX Extensions available.

Please confirm:

  • version of MongoDB server you have installed

  • output of /proc/cpuinfo

  • whether mongod is running inside a virtualised or container environment

If your CPU is not compatible with the available 5.0+ server binaries, your options are generally:

  • Install MongoDB 4.4 (these binaries are not compiled with the same modern microarchitecture optimisations as 5.0+).
  • Host your database server on compatible hardware or use a managed service like MongoDB Atlas .


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