Dear MongoDB Team, serverless VPC Peering when?

so team, can you tell us a tentative release date for this particular feature. As an early stage startup we’re eagerly waiting for this feature as it provides value for money and security at same time between our AWS VPC and mongodb hosted Atlas VPC.

We’ve started our product dev. back in late August 2023, we’ve read an discussion here on forum which goes on like VPC peering is not available on serverless clusters, now its 2024. When we’re going to hear the good news.


Hi Harshit_Singh2

We don’t have plans of launching VPC Peering in the near future. You can use Private link to establish a private connection between your server and the serverless instance (see link). Is there a reason you’d like to use VPC peering instead?

Im not a cloud monk, but what do I know is we can peer a private subnet of VPC with mongo’s hosted VPC at no cost, so they’re not accesible to internet and not adding any cost for peering, Is same or similar we can do with AWS Private link? And does that work seamlessly with AWS lambda?

There are no additional costs from the MongoDB side to use Private Endpoints for Serverless (instructions on how to set up, private endpoint costs). There may be costs associated with it from the AWS side. It should work seamlessly with Lambda given that Privatelink and Lambda are both AWS services. Here is an article that documents some of the differences (link).

Thanks Anurag, I’m just little bit confused with the information you’ve provided, in the first reply you’ve mentioned Serverless PrivateLink connection using Atlas Kubernetes Operator and in the latest reply Set Up a Private Endpoint for a Serverless Instance.

What’s the difference between them? the first one is bit more complex using kubectl whereas second one is straight forward, which one should be preferred over other and their respective use cases.

Also in the second part, after obtaining the mongodb serverless connection string mongodb+srv:// we just have to paste it in our backend as MONGO_CONNECTION_URI and deploy it on AWS lambda, everything’s fine? Or we have to make some changes from AWS.

Apologies about the link to the Kubernetes Operator. Please ignore it. Here is the link that I intended to paste-

You will need some configuration on the AWS side which is detailed from step 6 onwards