Dead simple web gui for end users

I hope I am putting this in the right place. We have a DB with about 700 documents in it for our sales team. I am looking for a dead simple GUI/web app to give to the sales team so they can query the DB for the specific items they are looking for in the documents, i.e. territory, products currently purchased or a combination of terms to search on.

I have been googling my fingers off and everything I see seems to be waaaay more complicated than what I am looking for. Is there anything like this in the real world or am I going to have to code something up?


Hello @Phillip_DuMas,

The simplest way to query MongoDB data is to use the GUI tool, MongoDB Compass. You can connect to the database and start accessing the data and write the required queries. The Compass can be downloaded on to your computer, and start using it. Note that its a desktop GUI tool. The User Manual has further instructions:

I agree, and I use compass for 95% of my desktop management but it would take a week to train the sales team to use it, and even then I don’t think they would understand. I am thinking of a website front end with canned queries where they just fill in the search terms or something.

Simple search GUI has text inputs to enter some search text, lists to select from, radio buttons and check boxes - some combination of these widgets. The user enters, selects and checks some of these and click a button and wait to get a result in table or a list or just a number as a message.

When the user requests for a result, the inputs from the user are sent to the back-end / application where the inputs are transformed into a MongoDB query. The query is further sent to the database server, where it is executed and the result is sent back to the application and then the user interface.

This is your application. This can be a desktop application like the Compass or a web application.

I agree that such an application will be easy to use - as it is totally customized for your needs.

Now, this application has two main requirements - (1) the data being queried (the data in your MongoDB database) and (2) the queries which you want for your sales team. And, you have the data and the requirements.

You can possibly build such an application in-house in a few days and start using it. And you will also have an opportunity to improve and enhance it as it is being used.

Prasad this is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I lack the expertise so I will see if I can find someone on Fiverr or rent a coder to do it for me.

Thank you!


Wish it works well for you !