De un minuto a otro, las consultas comenzaron a demorarse mucho

My collection is called places, it is used by 2 clients, one with 370 documents and the other with 250. On Thursday, both clients were very happy and at 09:00 on Friday, one of them began to wait approximately 1:40 minutes for each query. towards. The other took 10-12 seconds. The queries are made by the ownerId and sharedUser, both compound indexed

Analyze the weight of each document in the client that takes longer and there is no record that weighs more than 5kb, at most there are a couple of them that weigh 100kb, I even deactivated one of 100kb and the problem persisted.

The same thing happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, everything solved… I didn’t understand what happened.

The size of the collection is just:
Storage size: 880.64KB
Documents: 1.1K
Avg. document size: 3.35 kB
Indexes: 3
Total index size: 167.94 kB

It is even much faster to export the entire collection than to do the query.

And to add more inconsistency, this same client consults another collection and it takes too long… very distressing.

Will it be something from the internal cache, oplog of some query?

Hi @Mauro_Perez_Araya ,

Looking at the screen shot the {ownerId : -1, sharedUsers : -1} has not been used at all ( 0 seens … )

So I am not sure what is the query that you perform?

Can you provide it with an execution plan ?


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El problema era que M2 tiene limite de transferencia de datos y ni me avisaron y se ralentizaba… Despues de descubrir esto habilitando otro cluster dedicado la velocidad de descarga era de 2 segundos… asi que me di cuenta que el problema era mongo atlas y luego buscando por esta razon encontre otra persona con exactamente el mismo problema y un empleado de mongo describio la solucion… Q lamentable que no se notifique de ninguna forma que excedi el limite, me trajo muchos problemas con mis clientes