DBeaver: MongoDB JDBC Driver returns error: com.mongodb.jdbc.MongoConnection.setAutoCommit

For an unknown reason, I have lost access to Atlas MongoDB (federated database) via DBeaver, although it worked fine previously.

When I try to connect, I receive the error: com.mongodb.jdbc.MongoConnection.setAutoCommit(MongoConnection.java:225) :

DBeaver has been configured according to the manual available at https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/data-federation/query/sql/dbeaver/connect/. Atlas SQL connection has been created and is being reused in the “JDBC URL” of DBeaver connection config.

The latest version of the JDBC driver is being used: mongodb-jdbc-2.1.1-all.jar. The 225 line from mongo-jdbc-driver code says only:

    public void setAutoCommit(boolean autoCommit) throws SQLException {
        // no-op, we only check that the connection is open
                "Changing the auto-commit mode has no effect. The driver doesn't support transactions and is read-only. "
                        + "It will always report auto-commit true. Calling Commit() or Rollback() also has no effect");

Please, any suggestions on how to bypass the MongoConnection.setAutoCommit error and restore the connection to federated database of Atlas MongoDB via DBeaver?

The issue has been fixed in the new MongoDB JDBC driver version 2.1.2:

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