Dbeaver mongodb driver

Where can I download the dbeaver mongodb driver? I couldn’t find the download address on the official website

The Community version of DBeaver says:

MongoDB driver is not available in Community version
You can connect to MongoDB using the DBeaver PRO products: Lite, Enterprise, Ultimate, and
Team Editions.
In the PRO versions, we use an advanced MongoDB driver created by the DBeaver team to
provide the best compatibility and performance. It allows you to browse MongoDB collections
in data grid mode and use JSON representation with highlighting and formatting.

Try DBeaver PRO

You can use a third-party MongoDB JDBC driver at your own risk. DBeaver cannot guarantee
that such drivers will work properly with MongoDB or provide an acceptable level of support
for the database functionality.

The only JDBC driver(s) I know of are for use with the BI-Connector or Atlas SQL interface.

Other tools and connectors may be of interest, such as: MongoDB Compass, MongoDB VS Code plugin, mongosh , Cloud Manager or Ops Manager

ref: https://www.mongodb.com/docs/tools-and-connectors/#migrators--tools--and-connectors


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