DBA Practice Questions and Exam Objectives


I am preparing for my DBA associate exam and there are a couple of questions I have regarding the syllabus and practice questions. I have already passed my developer exam.

  1. There is a question in the practice exam about an error in shard keys (more specifically, question 9). In the exam objective section of the exam study guide, the only learning objective about sharding is 1.4 Identify the function of sharding. Is this type of question valid for the exam? If it is, I’ll have to go a lot deeper in sharding.

  2. Ditto for question 10 on profiling, there are no learning objectives on profiling though it appeared in the learning path. I’d like to understand if I will need to go deeper in profiling for the exam too. The only similar objective is 3.1 on index performance, which is the same objective in the developer pathway, but there are no indications on the exam objective that profiling is included.

  3. (Not a question) I believe exam objective 2.17 is a duplicate of exam objective 2.1.

More generally I’d like to understand if all exam questions will conform to the exam objectives in the DBA exam study guide. Your help is very much appreciated.

@Marcus_Peck Hello and thanks for reaching out. In order to better assist you, please send this request over to certification@mongodb.com
Thank you!

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