DBA exam path change?

I would just like to inquire about the change in the learning path, I have completed the learning path for DBA associate however the learning path has change and new topics were added, would that affect the DBA exam if I am taking it in the upcoming week and would those new topics be included

@Mogamat_Ghaalied Thank you for reaching out with your question. Both the old DBA and the new Self-Managed Database Administrator learning path were created to help enable our users to have the best chance at becoming MongoDB certified. The old DBA path is still sufficient to prepare you properly for the exam. However, there is no harm in reviewing the new topics in the Self-Managed Database Admin path.
Please Note: If you need more time to prepare you have the ability to reschedule your exam through your University account.

If you have any further questions please reach out to certification@mongodb.com

Good luck on your exam!

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