db.serverStatus().wiredTiger not shown but db.serverStatus().storageEngine is shown and has name as wiredTiger

Hello Team,
I am using MongoDB Atlas 6, and the storage engine is wiredTiger.

I am using a Python driver for MongoDB and on running the serverStatus command, the result has a storage engine field but not a wiredTiger field, also inside the storageEngine field, the name field does mention that wiredTiger engine is being used -

'storageEngine': {
    'name': 'wiredTiger',
    'supportsCommittedReads': True,

I wanted to access the wiredTiger field to check the available read and write tickets.
Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

Some commands are limited or unsupported in Atlas, this can also vary between the free/shared and dedicated tiers. There are also other limitations between the free/shared and dedicated tiers that you may want to be aware of, links below for both.

serverStatus is limited in its response fields in the free and shared tiers.

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Thanks a lot Chris! I was using the M0 cluster which does not have the wiredTiger field.

I get that serverStatus commands has limitations on the M0 cluster, but is there any other way i can access the available read and write tickets?

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