db.dropUser not working

For some reason that I ignore, I cannot get rid of a user in mongodb.
This is how it goes:

myReplSet:PRIMARY> db.dropUser("sysadmin3")

and I am logged in with a user, whith this kind of role:

	"roles" : [
			"role" : "root",
			"db" : "admin"

And if I run this, I can see the user sysadmin3 is present.
myReplSet:PRIMARY> db.system.users.find().pretty()

Has somebody already seen this?

Are you connected to the correct DB?
If user does not exist or db does not exist it would give false
Also check db.getUsers() & db.getUser(“user”)

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As I tried again in order to follow up on your reply.
All suddenly started to work as expected and I can use db.dropUser.

I am not aware that I did things differently; but who knows.
And the computer has been rebooted in the meanwhile.

Anyway, thanks for bringing me luck.