Datalake usecase

I had a bit of a broad question… I’m currently working on a project where I store user sign in / subscription info through atlas DB. However, I want to also let users upload and view their OWN user assets (not anyone else’s)… for which I was considering data lake-- though I’m not too sure how to integrate this in terms of connecting each data that is uploaded onto the data lake with each user in the database.

For I.e. I was considering azure storage blobs-- the way each user asset is in their own containers though is managed through RBAC/ or Azure active directory… Since I already did all the authn/z through mongo I didn’t want to go and implement it through azure active directory. I didn’t think it was for my usecase. Though it works for azure storage blobs for managing user storage…

How would I go about managing atlas data lake in this sense? I’m not a back end dev though I’ve been wanting to integrate this.

Thanks for the input.

Hey Tem,

Unfortunately Atlas Data Lake does not yet support Azure, so you could not use Atlas Data Lake with Azure Blob Storage.

What you’re describing sounds like an interesting use case. My initial thought is that you’re probably going to want to handle the uploading of assets in the application tier and then you can choose to push them into object storage and then handle the storing of file links in the database. If you were to take an approach like this you can keep your authn/z model in the DB and just have the object storage be an internal implementation detail, and you don’t really need “Atlas Data Lake” in this context.


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